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SA 8000 - Standard and Verification System

What is SA 8000?

Benefits for Workers, Trade Unions and NGOs

Benefits for Business

Benefits for Consumers and Investors
ICS SA 8000

What is SA 8000?

SAI's first social accountability system, SA 8000, is a way for retailers, brand companies, suppliers and other organizations to maintain just and decent working conditions throughout the supply chain.

The SA 8000 standard and verification system is a credible, comprehensive and efficient tool for assuring humane workplaces because it includes:
~ A standard that covers all widely-accepted international labor rights.
~ Factory-level management system requirement for ongoing compliance and improvement.
~ Independent, expert verification of compliance: Certification of facilities by auditing bodies accredited by SAI. SAI accreditation ensures that auditors have the procedures and resources needed to conduct thorough and objective audits. There are currently nine organizations accredited to do SA 8000 certification.
~ Involvement by all stakeholders: Participation by all key sectors, including workers and trade unions, companies, socially responsible! investors, nongovernmental organizations and government, in the SA 8000 system. Such participation is required withthe Advisory Board, drafting and revision of me standard and auditing system, conferences, training, and the complaints system.
~ Public reporting: SA 8000 certified facilities are posted on the SAI web site. Companies that join level two of the SA 8000 Corporate Involvement Program (CIP) release annual progress reports verified by SAI.
~ Harnessing consumer and investor concern: The SA 8000 Certification and Corporate Involvement Program help consumers and investors to identify and support companies that are committed to assuring human rights in the workplace SA 8000 Standard Elements.
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Benefits for Workers, Trade Unions and NGOs

~ Enhanced opportunities to organize trade unions and bargain collectively.
~ A tool to educate workers about core labor rights.
~ Another opportunity to work directly with business on labor rights issues.
~ Public awareness of companies committed to assuring humane working conditions.
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Benefits for Business

~ Putting company values into action.
~ Enhancing company and brand reputation.
~ Improving employee recruitment, retention and performance.
~ Better supply chain management and performance.
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Benefits for Consumers and Investors

~ Clear and credible assurance for ethical purchasing decisions.
~ Identification of products made ethically and companies committed to ethical sourcing.
~ Broad coverage of product categories and production geography.
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